December 31st Changes - 12/31/2013
1) Added 2 new images to the scroller.
2) Added a vote counter per user.
3) Search Upgrade/Fix
4) Social library for social statistics.

Coming Soon: Bookmarking topics!
Topic Prefixes - 12/29/2013
Topics can now have prefixes.  There are currently 3 prefixes, Request, Resolved, Closed.  We're taking suggestions for new prefixes!
December 19th Changes - 12/19/2013
Today was a huge day for advancement.

All of the previous menus (the main menu and the side flyout menus) have been completely replaced.  We were able to drop 4 js files and 3 css files, along with a bunch of inline JS & CSS, in favor of a much nicer and faster menu system.

Various other small improvements have been added to help speed up the system and keep things running as fast and as smoothly as possible.
December 18th Changes - 12/18/2013
Moved the premium member dynamic image GIF below the status icon.  It was previously at the bottom of the info block.
Added a radial chart to the member contributions page to indicate the amount of each statistic in relation to the maximum individual value of each statistic.  For example, the member's current post count in relation to the member with the most posts' post count.  The data is expressed in a percentage scale.
Chat Back Online! - 12/10/2013
Our chat is back online, but it looks like we're having some weird DNS issues, especially when using the PSI client.
Chat Down - 12/05/2013
Our chat server is temporarily offline.
Shutting some stuff down. - 11/29/2013
A couple of our sites have been taken offline today.

1) Dragon Toads has been shut down due to inactivity.
2) Mudgrinders has been shut down due to inactivity.

Both of those domains will redirect to the GCWorld Industries home page.
GCWorld CMS 2.1.2 Updates - 10/20/2013
Redemption System
FC 0 Post Account Import
UCP Fixes
PM Fixes
GCWorld CMS 2.1.1 Updates - 10/20/2013
New Git Repo & Improved Deployment System.
1) Age of Dragons has been set as an ignore and is added in as a block to the deployment script.  This way we can avoid issues using submodules.
2) The KongHack User Script has been set as an ignore and is added in as a block to the deployment script.  Same as AoD, just avoiding bullshit issues with submodules.
GCWorld CMS 2.1.0 Updates - 10/20/2013
We've gone through so many upgrades & so many commits that there are way too many to list here.  Long story short, I cleared out the repo when we rest to 2.1.0.  Let's just keep it as "WOW, a lot has changed, things are running smoother, and our anti-bullshit registration system has improved!".  As an added bonus, we're on PHP 5.5 now.  It wasn't too long ago that we upgraded to 5.4, and now we're on 5.5.  It's extremely awesome!

Anyway, KongHack is adding the remaining balance of roughly 70,000 members today, so you may experience a very small amount of lag as we send out way more emails than we are used to.  I'll be back in the swing of things making posts from our git log as things roll in.  I'm currently syncing out version 2.1.2.
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